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About Rapidtek

  Rapidtek Group was found in 2006, as for the global strategy plan, first Rapidtek Company was set up in US Delaware as a holding company then Rapidtek Taiwan Branch was found ,the business model by then is representing global famous brands and resell in Taiwan and China,

  In 2010, for catching up the China market, Rapidtek Shanghai branch office was set up, by then we are able to provide our service over the strait and as the demand of our customer increasing for the overseas product, Rapidtek expanding our line card to more then 15 brands, mostly switching product such as-reed relay for signal switching , DC contactor for power switching, reed switch for non-contact switch ,our goal at that time is to provide one stop service with switching product. However, as the economic sup and down more rapidly, our GM-Arthur decide do more diversity, by 2010, Rapidtek start own brand division and begin with the GDT which is critical component in Over Voltage protection, and after that, more product like reed sensor/ float sensor was in the market with Rapidtek Brand. Rapidtek focus on niche market with higher margin without chancing the volume business, trying to grow up with our customer and partners step by step.

  As more products and line cards we carry, we can integrate them as a solution, by 2013 we signed a contract with Nasdaq listed company which making motor controller and integrate with our DC contactor as a powertrain system to provide the solution , customer is more than happy to have Rapidtek then just for a component. Rapidtek is also bonded to our customers as a solution provider. By 2015, Rapidtek Group decide to separate the Own Band division to a new company focus on manufacture and its major product is RF solutions and non-contactor switch, for now, Rapidtek Device Focus on Representing and Taiwan Rapidtek Focus on own brand manufacture, our target market are :IOT/ Tesitng & Instrument/ New Energy/ Industry 4.0/ Robot.

  Rapidtek just celebrating our 10 year birthday and we are ready for next decade with more enthusiasm team and powerful product, welcome to be part of us!!

Stand Firm and Jump High

Stand Firm and Jump High

Rapidtek Capability


Holding Company Found in US
Rapidtek Magnetic Devices Inc Taiwan Branch found in Taiwan,agent for famous overseas brands
Brand-”Smacking“ in the market
Rapidtek China found in Shanghai
Product Diversification Beging-GDT
Market Diversification launch-New Energy Dept set up
RM Series stress less molded reed switch begin production
RMB Patten approved
Rapidtek Magnetic Devices Inc Taiwan Branch is ISO 9001 approved
Taiwan Rapidtek Devices Inc. found in Taiwan,Focus on own brand product
Group Revenue Over USD15M
Condense own brands into Rapidtek
including RF Products/GDT/Molded Reed
Taiwan Rapidtek Announce own 40Ghz RF Cable
Taiwan Rapidtek Devices Inc. is ISO9001 Approved

Rapidtek Group and Function