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PhotoMos Relay

  • BY40S

    1FormB 4pin SOP, 400V/120mA/Ron:20Ω/Cout:165pF

  • AW40A

    1FormA 8pin SMD, 400V/130mA/Ron:20Ω/Cout:110pF

  • AW40

    1FormA 8pin DIP, 400V/130mA/Ron:20Ω/Cout:110pF

  • AV6GA

    1FormA 6pin SMD, 60V/2.5A/Ron:100mΩ/Cout:165pF

  • AV6G

    1FormA 6pin DIP, 60V/2.5A/Ron:100mΩ/Cout:165pF

  • AY10GS

    1FormA 4pin SOP, 100V/1250mA/Ron:130mΩ/Cout:115pF

  • AY4GS

    1FormA 4pin SOP, 40V/2500mA/Ron:60mΩ/Cout:150pF

  • AY60S

    1FormA 4pin SOP, 600V/80mA/Ron:35Ω/Cout:115pF

  • AY40S

    1FormA 4pin SOP, 400V/100mA/Ron:20Ω/Cout:45pF