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Up-Down Converters

Up-Down Converters

DC 28GHz & 39GHz

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UDC is a converter to up or down convert part and two specification in 28GHz, and 39GHz.
For example in 28GHz, we input 2.5~6GHz signal source and go through up convert to 26.5~29.5GHz, or we input 26.5~29.5GHz into down convert to 2.5~6GHz.
For example in 39GHz, we input 3~6GHz signal source and go through up convert to 37~40GHz, or we input 37~40GHz into down convert to 3~6GHz.
The supply specification is DC5V and 2A, working temperature  is -20~60°C, impedance is 50 ohm, Conversion gain 6 dB, Gain Variation is less-than or equal to 4dB.